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If you think that just having a website is enough to represent your brand in the fastest growing marketplace on earth (the world wide web), then you are dead wrong. Websites are no longer merely places to post static information for the occasional tech savvy reader. They are necessary communication and interactive tools for your current and future customers. Technology is moving fast, at light speed really, and it is imperative to understand how people view your website (from which device, etc) and how they will be viewing it in the not so distant future. Your website has become your automated representative, and in this day and age is probably the medium through which your potential customers will interact with your brand for the first time. Make it memorable, make it accessible, and build in the functionality necessary so that it can truly work for you 24/7, now and in the future.

We’ve built our current website with a progressive technique known as responsive design. In short, responsive design takes one core website and serves it up into different formats depending upon the screen size it is being viewed upon. This may include automatically resizing images, text and other media, so that the size is useful on any screen. It also takes into account the shape of the screen. A smartphone held in portrait mode is longer than it is wide where as a computer screen is exactly the opposite.

There are a growing number of screen shapes and sizes out there and we are sure to encounter more in the future so how do we “future proof” this concept so that as new “screens” are developed your website will still remain relevant? This is done by programming the changes to occur upon encountering a screen “size range” as opposed to a specific size. For example, this site’s layout changes when the device width is below 1025px and then changes again for screens between 1025px and 1441px in size and again for screens larger than 2500px. Any screen from a smartphone to a 27” monitor and beyond will be covered by this method making it perfect for any screen present or future. For this responsively designed website we’ve also added a function to be mobile device friendly by sending a small file size of an image to smaller screen sizes, saving bandwidth both on our server and on the viewers device. Take a look at this site on a few different devices and let us know your thoughts or ask questions in the comments below.

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