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When considering a marketing campaign, most small businesses make an error right up front when their lead off is all about what a great product or service they’re offering. That’s not the best way to get things done nor the most powerful way to acquire customers. People respond to emotional connections. They want to join your cause not just acquire a new thing.  Here at Storio digital we understand that people “don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.” We’d love to help you define and craft your message so that everyone knows “why you do what you do”.

The video below is one of our favorite TED talks ever featuring Simon Sinek. It explains this concept in detail with real world examples from Apple Inc., to Tivo, to Martin Luther King. In each example you’ll see how this concept breeds success or a lack there of depending upon the implementation. Watch and see how great leaders inspire action!

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I couldn’t have said it better myself Simon! Do you have a different strategy? Let us know how you acquire new customers in the comments.

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