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BUS STOP is one Bad A%& establishment and is fast becoming the most cutting edge shoe boutique in Philadelphia. Born on April 14, 2007 by London-native Elena Brennan, her passion for shoes and keen eye for fashion propelled her decision to open a shop in Philadelphia. She carries designer labels and styles for both men and women previously only available in places such as London, Paris, Milan, Rio or New York.

After several years of successful growth it was time to double down and explore what the full potential of BUS STOP could be. Which then begs the question: Why stop at Philadelphia? We are helping BUS STOP transition from a Philadelphia boutique to a nationally recognized brand for high style shoes and accessories. We began our relationship with BUS STOP by assessing their current and future goals and then implemented a plan to move them forward efficiently and with great impact.

From implementing a CMS system and new web design to providing graphic design and copy writing, we ensure that all of BUS STOP’S branded media maintains the same iconic BUS STOP look and feel. And let’s not forget that strategy is key when growing a brand. We continually provide analysis and strategy to help BUS STOP stay on track and meet their goals. We implement current technologies along the way and offer technical support to keep their internal systems running efficiently and smoothly, allowing BUS STOP to concentrate on what they do best. And as fellow Philadelphia fashionistas we thank them for it.

“I think it’s abundantly clear that their work speaks for itself. Beyond that though their customer service is incredible. From lending me a computer when mine died to working with me outside of their normal business hours because my business was open. I find this kind of devotion rare these days.”

~ Elena Brennan
  Owner BUS STOP