Storio digital

A contemporary clothing company imagined with the help of Storio digital. This client came to us with an idea. He relayed a personal story about a friend living with a disability and how he had witnessed first hand the limitations of everyday products when used by the disabled. He was disconcerted by the negative impact this had on his friend’s life. His idea? To create a brand that would embody all of the attributes of the best brands on earth. Created for the disabled… envied by everyone.

After thoroughly researching the market and getting a sense of what did and did not exist in this space, we became increasingly excited about this project. We began creating the brand, providing general business consulting and our expertise to help bring this company to fruition.

An exhaustive search ensued involving phonetics, target market responsiveness, and future assumability by another company. The resulting names, Adaptnation Inc. for the parent corporation, and a brand name for their flagship line of apparel, Able Outfitters, set the tone for the high quality high style feel that our client wished to portray. We then leveraged our experience and previous involvement in accessory line SKN design to help source sample rooms, designer talent, fashion line editing, pre market advertising strategy, go to market advertising strategy, investment fund procurement, and business planning and market research.

We’ve positioned Able Outfitters to be the first lifestyle brand of its kind and we continue to provide them with the technical, media, and consulting support necessary to further establish themselves in the marketplace and to continue to grow well into the future.

Startups are fragile and the market is competitive. From brand name development and business plan editing to identity development and strategic growth planning, Storio digital continues to play an intrinsic role in turning this amazing idea into a burgeoning powerhouse brand.

“Storio digital is amazing. They just look at the world in a different way than other companies I’ve worked with. You really have to experience it to understand this. Everything I have thrown at them they’ve not only accomplished but have exceeded my expectations.”

~ Daniel McHugh
  CEO Adaptnation Inc.